How to decorate your home with artificial plants

Plants and flowers can give a very different feel to any environment. We give vitality and color to a room that can be very cold, especially if you put in key locations such as a coffee table, a corner of the room or the eaves of the window. Think about it! A flower may be the perfect solution for an empty corner.

You might wonder why use artificial plants. Many people do not like, because they believe it may be quite false, but is not necessarily so. Depend largely on the care they put in choosing them. Begin to pay attention to your surroundings and notice that they have become very popular. Karina Gamarra, interior designer, says,

Today there are only part of the decoration of homes but also hotels, restaurants and offices. Artificial plants decorated and prepared in a right way can give a special touch, elegant and sophisticated space without creating maintenance problems compared to real plants. Plants and flowers are artificial enthusiasm and joy.

Advantages of using artificial plants

Unlike natural, not number with the unwelcome presence of insects in your home.

No water is poured into the pot when least expected.

You can change when one is enough, because you can have them stored and remove them when needed. Karina tells us that “Through this we have various appearances to go with the style to develop in the environment.

Artificial flowers require little maintenance. No need to be aware of them (with the little time that we sometimes have!) Because they require no water and not going to wither.

You will not have problems with the weather.

You will come cheaper because they do not need to buy each week.

Do not cause (or one of your guests) no allergy.

Disadvantages of decorating with artificial plants

The dust and dirt adhere especially if they are near a window. It is therefore essential that you are always on the lookout for that natural look. With just soap and water, problem solved! Be nice and presentable.

Not aromatize as the natural environment.

If you are not a good material, can give a very false appearance.

Types of artificial plants that you can use

1. Centers of solid water

Super modern! These centers are filled with striking solid water, a transparent synthetic material that gives plants a very real and natural appearance.

2. Fats and cactus plants

These artificial plants are those with thick stems because in its natural store water or have thorns. Aloe is the case, for example. Just by looking “hard” natural can easily pass if the material has been used is appropriate.

3. Potted Trees

In this case you’ll be amazed at the great variety that exists: palm trees (to give a tropical touch), hedges, ferns, ivy (eg hanging, etc.). You can find them in small sizes (tabletop) or to the floor. Just be careful, the larger the plant, its artificiality is more apparent, so in this case you should care much more quality.

If you want to achieve an oriental or minimalist, Karina we recommend the use of sticks or bamboo cane. But, beware, be combined with the style of furniture to not break the harmony. Artificial bonsai trees are also a nice option, but can be a bit expensive.

4. Flowers in pot

In consultation with our expert, told us that the most common are sprays of white orchids or pink. The artificial roses are also used in interior decoration with the advantage that the stem may seem very natural. In this case, mostly the colors used are red, orange and ivory.

You will also find many people who love sunflowers. organza, velvet or satin are some fabrics that are generally used to create them. However, the possibilities for flowers are almost endless and will depend a lot on your taste and the combination you want to do.

What artificial plant used for each environment?


Say hello! Have you thought that your post or in a window to the outside that could put an artificial plant or flower to produce a feeling of joy even before your guests enter?

A great idea if you have a more or less exterior wall space or a large main door is to put a hanging plant (types may be an option ivy) and your house will look very elegant and even personality.

The dining room
Find centerpieces that you can take your breath away with a look and you can play, combining different colors if it comes to flowers.

Here you will also have the option of using large plants (a palm tree for example) or hanging from the ceiling in a pot especially for the corners or a corner that needs filling.

The bathroom

Plants can be a perfect decoration for a corner, or to place over the toilet or laundry if you do not have much space (African violet test with a small but colorful). If you want to give certain exuberance to the environment, you can try a larger dark green foliage if the size of your bathroom allows it. Bonsai are also perfect in this environment because they give a touch of serenity.

The kitchen

The perfect solution for this environment are artificial plants. Since it is a wet room and with variations in temperature will be almost impossible to keep a natural plant. Moreover, the harm fat entirely, you can clean it with an artificial change when necessary. Place, for example, above or along the cabinets to give life to the environment, but take away space.

The bedroom

In this environment, artificial plants are also very good option since most doctors advise not to have natural plants. Many people like to use artificial roses this room gives a feeling of softness and sophistication. You can even build an entire composition as in the picture.

A favorite place to place is the night table that takes much of the attention when you enter the bedroom.

Facts to consider for your artificial plants!

For Karina Gamarra, ideally, if flowers are always in a thin, elongated vase, because they get to look more and no matter if it’s a floral arrangement or if only one flower, both examples can generate a significant effect in the room. These stand out and add a natural look to any corner where it is placed.

Where did you find?

You will not have problems on this point! florists, garden centers, department stores and even supermarkets have a large range of models and styles. Just keep in mind what you already had said. The quality will depend largely on how they can look natural or false. Given their considerable length, it is worth investing a little more.

Feel like? Begin testing with a couple of plants or flowers, and pay attention to the impact on your decor. You will be surprised!

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