Tips for Choosing Paint Colors and Types

Paint the walls of your house is renewed. From time to time we experience the need for change, and this extends to where we live, so to feel better we should not hesitate to change colors.
The trends for this year point to a natural inspiration and the return of the essence, and soft colors with earth tones, since the search of simplicity and respect for nature is what prevails in decoration.

Chromatic Circle

The color wheel is a very handy tool to hit when combining colors, since it shows the various harmonies among colors: monochromatic, contrast, moderate and harmonious.
This circle reflects the primary colors (blue, red and yellow) and secondary (orange, green, purple), made ​​as a result of mixing the primaries. The rest of the shades are born black and white add a greater or lesser extent, as you want to choose a shade lighter or darker.
Within the color wheel, warm colors (light green, yellow, orange and red) occupy the top, while the cold and deep green, blue, purple or pink bottom. The first notable for their vital character while comfortable, and second, by the ability to create environments that invite fresh tranquility and relaxation.

To choose the paint

A growing number of firms that develop products with new components that facilitate the process of painting, such as monolayer or multisurface paintings, and other to suit the characteristics of the rooms.
The plastic paint is most often used for its easy application and it leaves no smell in the rooms, washable and dries quickly. You can find it in matte finish that hides the flaws, in glossy, easy to clean, and bright.
Long used in bathrooms and kitchens, acrylic paint covers very well, and is resistant to moisture and condensation. Easy to clean, you can also choose them in variety fireproof and anti-fungal.
The new paintings are committed to the welfare and health. Allergy find that destroy the mites, others purify the air and eliminate dust mites and some even repel insects.
Organic stream extends paints, these are biodegradable and have no toxic solvents in their composition and are made ​​from natural pigments animal or vegetable origin.

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