Famous travellers in the history

Introduction to Historic traveling

Traveling in history was really difficult as well as slow to carry out. There were no advanced vehicles, and all you got for you were the carriages or animals for mobility. In addition to the traveling means, there were also no roads to pass through. They had to consider a lot while making the decision about the moving from one area to another. Then, by the time evolution took place and the traveling became really easy. The distance that used to take months and even years is now covered in few hours.

The technology which is available in this modern era involves the well-developed infrastructure of roads, boats, airplanes, jets, railways and submarines. As all this revolution took place, the traveling means have become inexpensive gradually to ease the mobility process. Due to traveling and mobility of people from one area of the world to another, people now conduct a lot of businesses in a safe way. Even the economic revolution is also the result of this change.

Considering old travelers is essential because they have made the history of traveling by exploring the undiscovered areas of the world were great in true means. Some of those historical travelers are as follows

Captain James Cook

He is the traveler of early 17th century and was among the very few old age people. He has covered all the important things and prerequisites to have wonderful traveling experience. James is also known to be the person who was the only person to cover such a large portion of the earth. He was a surveyor as well as a scientist, and this helped him to conduct a lot of research. He also drew charts of traveling, and they always proved to be accurate. James had a ship which he used to go through the Coral Sea.

The main thing which drew him to carry traveling is the love for other cultures. He navigated around the globe two times which is a big achievement. That voyage included all the seven continents of the world as well as Antarctic and Arctic circles.

Ibn Battuta

He is the traveler of the 13th century. This is a really old time which even gives him superiority over Marco Polo. He was a freeloader regarding traveling style. His personality was very brave, and he used to tell a lot of tales about his journey. The area he traveled was about 120,000 KM. This area is now covered by 44 countries in this age. The places mainly covered by him include Indonesia, Italy, Shanghai, and Timbuktu. He was even attacked by the pirates in his voyage and held hostage for some time. The hardships also include the hiding in the swamp for almost a week without even having food. He was the only Muslim geographer who made a big name in the field of traveling.


He is the traveler of the very beginning of this age.  He was basically a Buddhist Monk who traveled across the pilgrimages. The travel writing is the thing in which he led the way for the following writers. The main purpose behind his voyage was to discover the history of Buddhism forms the origin. The path he chooses and results presented by him are unparalleled. The places which were visited by him are Afghanistan, China, Pakistan as well as India. All this was done because of his intelligence level and the courage and curiosity he had to find something. He went on hunger strike; at one time he nearly died out of thirst and also caught by bandits. In the field of writings and travel history, the legacy left behind him is amazing and unmatchable.

Christopher Columbus

He is known to be the most controversial traveler in the history and also the famous one. Most of the people still say that he was not the one to discover America. Christopher just opened the way for the Europeans within two continents. He was very determined by nature and fearless in traveling. In his whole traveling career, Christopher passed four times through Atlantic. Iceland and Mediterranean were also visited by him. The hardships faced by him in this whole era include the temporary blindness, malnutrition, arthritis and insomnia. The main thing that is discussed about him is that he was the pioneer in introducing many diseases to the American world. The diseases like dengue, measles, typhoid, smallpox, malaria and diphtheria moved to America due to him.

Charles Darwin

He is basically the founder of the theory of evolution. He passed to many areas of the world to discover multiple species and provide a contribution to the field of science. The natural selection was taken as the foundation for the theory of evolution by him. This curiosity played a lot of role in his success. The areas which were covered by him include the South America, Pacific, Atlantic, and also the remote islands including Tahiti and Galapagos. Many mountains were also hiked by him, and deserts were also explored. The way of thinking of people is changed due to him. The contribution made by him in the science is exceptional and is the basis of many new theories working successfully in the modern era.

Richard Burton

Richard Burton is the explorer of the 18th century. He was an intellectual man and also known to be famous by the name of Sir. He was also an excellent writer who wrote exceptional traveling history with his attractive way of writing. The main advantage he had is that he was familiar with 30 languages and was able to speak 60 sounds in the monkey vocabulary. The places which were visited by him include the areas of Fernando Po, India, Brazil, East Africa, Trieste, Arabia, US West, and Syria. The source of Nile was also discovered by him along with the help of John Hanning Speke. Richard also has the privilege of being the second European who visited Mecca. He is really an inspiration for most of the explorers as he translated the Arabian Nights in a great depiction of culture.

Michael Palin

He is a modern day traveler. In the mid 19th century he emerged as a great travel inspiration for most people. He has this strange support for traveling; it is his passion to move from one place to another. His voyage includes the areas from Sahara and Himalaya in the total of 80 days. In this short time, Michael moved from pole to pole and completed the whole circle. He even got his ribs cracked, and his car was rocked by the angry mob during the journey. Michael’s traveling is even preserved in the form of television show known to be Palin Effect. Even it was aired on the primetime which is really an achievement because of the high level of excitement.

Fridtjof Nansen

He is basically a skier, humanitarian, polar explorer as well as an oceanographer. He has the credit of being the first explorer to cross the Arctic Ocean as well as Greenland Ice Cap. The area of North which is traveled by him is not crossed by anyone else this far. Nansen also did skiing in the Norway. His experience also includes the suffering from the winters for nine months in a cave of stones with a friend. Regarding technology, he invented a water bottle and a cooker which are still used in those areas. He is also famous for not losing any kind of equipment as well as not a single man during the whole journey.

Aphra Behn

She is regarded as the world’s most famous and greatest traveler of the armchair. Her work is even regarded as fiction, and people believe that she hasn’t ever traveled. The style which was used by her is they style of a spy. The areas visited by her include Italy, Antwerp, Netherland, and Suriname. It is also suggested that his family was lost in the voyage. She also helped in the development of travel stories and novels. Even 300 years ago, his work was regarded the best, and most of the areas have a great description for her.

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin is the first person in the space. He is also regarded as the one to take most courageous bounce after the work of Columbus. The places which were traveled by him include the traveling around the whole world as well as 315 KM above the earth level. He was without any doubt great hero who explored a lot about the space travel. His training also involved the grounding in a dark room for 24 hours in a silent room. His heroism is not completely witnessed by due to the constraints of space traveling. He was also killed in a crash that took place in the flight. He was sitting on a seat under which a can was placed on the bomb which leads him to death. This was a tragic failure and loss of a great hero.