How to get your first 1000 plays on Spotify

Spotify gives the way to the artists to showcase their music. Many artists are eager for different ways to get their craft on this biggest streaming platform. Although, getting tons of Spotify plays can be very a difficult task especially for unsigned artists. It is very essential to get hundreds of Spotify plays to get more exposure. In this post, we look at some useful tips on how you get first 1000 plays on Spotify. You can also buy Spotify play to up your Spotify game in no time and get your tracks into the ears of prospective fans. Let’s get into it!

Fan Push: Ask your friends and followers to add your soundtracks to their playlists (private). Encourage them to playlist your music. On Spotify, smallest playlist counts.

Pitching with your distributor: You can also ask the distributor to pitch your audio tracks to the music Friday playlist. Do a little research and find out in which playlist your soundtrack would fit. But make certain that those playlists are available on Spotify.

Playlists: Playlists are modern time radio. People are living busy lives these days, so they find their favorite playlists according to their mood is a great way to get you energized the whole day. This is how people listen to music nowadays. If you want that your songs heard then the best way is that get your music on the playlist. Share the playlists where your songs are added and also show appreciation by tagging the curator. It is vital to building up a good relationship with other curators. If you have a strong relationship with them then it is a win-win situation to gain more Spotify plays. The main goal of the playlist curators is to have a popular playlist that gets upheld and your music is also a part of this playlist.

Pitch “Non-Spotify” Playlists: With finding Spotify playlists, also find 2 to 3 private playlists that fit your genre and pitch your audio track through social media to the curators. Ask them to add your song and you will promote and share their playlist. Also, build a good relationship with them. Try to build up a relationship slowly because they have a lot of messages to respond every day. If you manage to get included your track on other’s playlists then you will get a lot of good results such as massive plays and more followers etc. It helps you to move your songs higher and give you more plays without buying Spotify plays.

Create your own playlist: Start creating your own playlists and share it with others. You can also offer other curators to exchange songs by pushing your own audio tracks. Create a playlist network in order to get more Spotify plays.

Bottom line: The music industry is navigating towards digital these days and it is important to have a good amount of plays on Spotify with buying Spotify plays. With the above tips, you can get a lot of plays to make your profile protruding on Spotify.