Types Of Double Bed Frame Materials That Are Reliable

Types Of Double Bed Frame Materials That Are Reliable

Are you looking for a new bed? Want to replace your old one with some sturdier constructed bed. Do you want to buy the double bed frames for yourself as well as for your kids? Then why not try one of the following types of material. These are not only durable and long-lasting but also add a stupendous touch to your bedroom.

Wooden Bed Frame

wooden double bed frame

The traditional type of bed frames that are most commonly used are available in a wooden structure. These frames are designed with a variety of wood types. It is said wood structures were first used in the 14th century and depict the royalty plus richness. They were carved in a special way to add elegance to the bed. The timber wood bed frames are known as expensive and most durable. They form heavy beds and give your bedroom a rustic as well as modern touch.

Metal Typesmetal double bed frames

Metal-type bed frames were first introduced in the 18th century. These are known as sturdier as compared to wood type. Moreover, these are considered safe as well as clean. It is because there is no fear of attack of termite and lice that wood type has. Moreover, you can get these frames in a variety of colors. Wooden types have only certain shades of brown while metal frames can be painted in various options. Metal frames are durable. You can keep them for years if you do special and proper care. The only factor that you may its disadvantage is getting of rust. But if you care and prevent from the humid environment then they never lose the integrity,. However, the bed designers use special paint to keep them rust-free yet there is a need to take care to prevent rusting of the metallic frames.

Leather Frames

leather double bed frames

We have heard about most wooden and metal bed frames but now the modern beds are also designed with leather. Although their base is made with hardwood to give the frame sturdiness the outer structure is wrapped with genuine or faux leather depending on demand and budget. Leather adds an aesthetic appeal to the overall structure and brings exceptional beauty to your bedroom. In contrast to wooden and metal frames, leather just comes in two types of structures. It includes the sleigh and platform type.

One other drawback is that these beds required extraordinary care. You need a special cleaning method to keep it tidy. Plus, you have to prevent the bed surface from pointed things so that it does not tear-out. Although leather bed frames look quite elegant they need time for maintenance.

Final Verdict

All three types of frames have their own importance and look sophisticated yet you have to choose the one that suits your needs. Never go for the beauty rather first check the quality and your usage. If you are looking for children then metal frames are the best option. For the luxe appeal, leather bed frames make a perfect match while for the traditional touch wooden frames are a fantastic option.

TikTok: what it is, how it works and who uses it

What is TikTok? Is it really the social network of the future? Everyone wants to know the answers of these questions. More and more people have started to appreciate and download this app. With more than 800 million users, it has undoubtedly become the social network of the moment and enjoying a lot of success. In this article, we will reveal in detail everything you need to know about TikTok, starting from what it is and its origins. In addition, we will discuss how to use it for a winning marketing strategy.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is currently the most downloaded app in the world and is nothing more than a social network created by a Chinese company named ByteDance. TikTok was launched from the merger with the Musical.ly app, thus inheriting most of its functions. In other words, Musical.ly was literally purchased by ByteDance, and through a rebranding operation, its name was changed to TikTok even though the most used and famous functions of Musical.ly remained the workhorse of this social network.

In other words, TikTok is not just a simple social media like many existing, but it is a social network in all respects, such as Facebook and Instagram. The creators of TikTok have managed to develop a winning platform also from the marketing point of view. According to social media experts, this social network will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Who uses TikTok?

TikTok numbers are very interesting. As for registered users, we can note that the TikTok audience is mainly people from the “Generation Z” or the generation that follows the Millennials, characterized by those born from the second half of the 90s.

For this reason, around 40% of TikTok users are under the age of 25, although, over time, more and more show business celebrities and influencers have started using this social media to promote their image and find new fans.  Another finding is particularly important and interesting is that about 65% of the audience of TikTok is female.

How to use it for marketing

TikTok is a social network that, in the last year, has seen its numbers skyrocket, with about 1 billion downloads of the app (it is the most downloaded app ever in the world). Recently TikTik has introduced advertising in its app, between one video and another, but has managed to propose it in a non-invasive and exceptionally coherent format with other user-generated content.

In a nutshell, the advertising of TikTok does not disturb its users. For all these reasons, more and more companies, professionals and marketers have started to follow this platform with interest and to develop strategies to make the most of it.

There are several ways to exploit the potential of TikTok to attract people and possible customers:

If you are an influencer (or aspiring), a freelancer, or a public figure, you can start creating content within the app to gain followers, attention, and popularity. If you are a marketer or want to promote your company and your products within the app, you can take advantage of the advertising tools made available by TikTok or directly start collaborations with influencers. Also, you can buy TikTok views to get more exposure.

Analysts have highlighted that the TikTok audience loves immersive experiences, which, in one way or another, manage to engage users with the aim of making content viral. Keep in mind that the advertising content must be dynamic, captivating, and youthful; only in this way will it be able to catch the attention of users.


How to Achieve Effective Marketing with Tiktok?

TikTok is on the rise in the current social media platform market, and it is not without reason. This TikTok application has won over internet users worldwide with its short videos, its community, and its challenges.

It is also based on these factors that companies should build their marketing strategy with TikTok reviews. The influencers and brand also buy TikTok followers to get instant success on this platform.

Let’s have a look at how to achieve effective marketing with TIkTok.

Work with TikTok influencers online to achieve effective marketing.

A social network influencer is a person who benefits from certain notoriety on this kind of platform. It can be followed by many people or recognized for its expertise. Collaborating with this type of person for promotional purposes is a very strategic business move. This is all the truer if they choose to market with TikTok reviews. For some regions, TikTok reviews can connect companies to the most popular influencers. However, there are also many marketing platforms where you can search for influencers for TikTok reviews.

The best known are Up fluence, Aspire IQ, and Neoreach. The search for influencers to earn more money on these platforms can be done according to different criteria. This includes the interests of the business, its location, relevant keywords, and target demographics. Finding the most representative influencer for your brand or product can take time. The negotiations do not stop with questions of money. You must also convince the influencer to use the product you want to promote.

TikTok review: Create a separate brand chain

TikTok users do not generally visit the app to purchase goods or products. Rather, they go there to search for educational or entertaining videos. Now imagine that your company already has its own account on TikTok reviews. One of the first ways to boost your account is to engage more with the platform’s community of users. Avoid discussions around selling products for your business account.

Users would otherwise view you as a form of spam on the platform. Instead, consider sharing videos relevant to your brand. These can focus on entertainment or education, depending on your preferences. Try to have as much interaction as possible with the TikTok review community. Short, but relevant exchanges with at least fifteen or twenty users per day should suffice. Research has established that the success of TikTok reviews rests on millennials’ tendency to get involved in their activities.

It has also been established that millennials are no longer impressed with creative animated graphics. They are rather interested in the contents which encourage them to carry out a given action. This can, in particular, be the creation of a video around a specific theme. The algorithm of TikTok reviews considers your engagement during interactions with customers. This may cause them to publish your ads more often than usual, as the case may be. In short, your engagement rate and interactions are the key performance indicators for your TikTok account.

Pay for advertising on the platform.

The advertising function on TikTok has not yet reached the maturity level, similar to that of other social networks. It also costs more than paid advertising on Pinterest, YouTube, or Facebook compared to its still exclusive side. Alternatively, you can buy TikTok likes and followers, which is a cheap yet good option. Businesses would still have a lot to gain from paying to run their ads on Tik Tok reviews. This is all the more true if they choose a concept suited to their brand from the three formats offered.


5 Tips to Gain Instagram Followers by Cross Sharing On Other Social Media Networks

Instagram is the top most trending social media site today which is being used by brands to increase their customers. The rising trend of Instagram has changed the social media game. Instagram is being used today more than it ever had been before and has taken the lead. People and especially businesses are constantly on the lookout to increase their Instagram followers and reach to a wider audience.

As Instagram keeps on developing its features, it has been creating, for its users, the ease to reach a wider audience. Of the many ways that can be used to gain more Instagram followers, sharing to other social media platforms remains among the best methods to date. There are several tips that may come in handy when it comes to cross sharing to increase your real Instagram followers. We shall be discussing some of these tips.

5 tips to increase Instagram followers by cross-sharing

Increasing your Instagram followers by cross-sharing photos and videos on other social media networks? Here are a few tips to keep in mind!

  1. Blending your Instagram feed with the website design

This is a simple yet effective way to gain more followers because it allows visitors of your website to see your Instagram account and maybe come to follow you if they like your posts. If your website is hosted on WordPress, there will be several plug-ins available which will help you do this. What this does is that those people who view your website can find the way to your Instagram account which they may visit and then follow. As a result, you will get more followers from your website visits.

  1. Inviting audience on Instagram to find out more

If you have any other platform like maybe YouTube or any such other, where you have an engaged audience, you can use that to your benefit and invite your followers to follow you on your Instagram account. This will be a powerful way to get your YouTube (or any other sites) audience to follow you and will then increase your Instagram likes. Let’s say you are a fashion brand and you are posting a preview of your collection in YouTube, you can then provide your viewers the Instagram account link and get them to view your whole collection then and there.

  1. In your campaigns or email marketing, add your Instagram

If you want to get more Instagram followers make sure not to underestimate the power of the email list you have. Your email list may be filled with so many people who can be your followers on Instagram and you hadn’t known. Whether you are using a small footer for linking to your social media accounts or sending complete email based on increasing followers, make sure to keep in mind and not miss out on the importance of your email list. It can be of a great help to increase Instagram followers.

  1. Instagram photo embedding in blogpost

Another way to increase your Instagram followers is to embed your Instagram photos in the blogs that you post. This is a great way to show legally, the photos of other people and to promote their content on your website. As you share their posts, this encourages them to share, on their social media networks, your blog posts. This cross-work for one another, greatly helps them and you in gaining more followers.

  1. Adding to your Facebook page, your Instagram feed

In order to get some additional discovery of your Instagram account or business, you can easily add all your Instagram posts; photos and videos to your Facebook page. In this manner, those people who follow you on Facebook and not yet on Instagram will get the link to your Instagram account and will follow you there too? That way, you will get more followers as you link your Instagram account to your Facebook one. This, henceforth proves a good option to get more followers on Instagram.

If you go along with the few tips that are stated above, you can, without doubt, increase your followers on Instagram and reach out to a wider audience.

Why IELTS is an important language requirement for every scholarship?

The International English Language Testing System or more commonly known as IELTS is the most popular English language test around the globe. It is taken by more than 2 million people each year. It is considered worldwide that the IELTS test is very helpful when it comes to achieving education, career or even life goals.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an international standardized test that is taken by non-native English speakers. It checks their English language proficiency by testing English listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Established in 1989, British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education Australia are the three main organizations that together own and run IELTS. It is accepted by various academic institutions and professional organizations around worldwide in countries such as Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.

IELTS for Study

If you are planning on studying abroad then undertaking IELTS is a perfect option as many universities worldwide and all British universities accept the IELTS test results. As a foreign student, you will need to show that you are qualified and capable enough to successfully complete a whole degree program that is primarily taught in the English language. Hence IELTS scores are very important when it comes to enrolling for a bachelors, masters, or Ph.D. degrees.

IELTS Scholarships

The British Council is one of the organizations that sponsor the IELTS exam and also offers numerous scholarships based on the test result. British Council IELTS Awards are given to students who are able to achieve high scores and have a history of academic success. These awards can be used to study at any university that accepts the test scores. A number of IELTS funded research programs also give latest scholarships that can be availed by students and educational scholars. Hence it can be seen that IELTS is a very important requirement when it comes to scholarships as almost all scholarship require IELTS to be availed.

Why take IELTS?

Various universities around the globe such as those situated in Britain, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand, have set IELTS as their preferable English proficiency tests. IELTS is the basic requirement when it comes to getting admission in these universities and availing the scholarships that these universities offer based on the test scores. However, it should also be kept in mind that the IELTS is just a preliminary measure as the test score not always related to competency in the class and hence it is important that students see the requirements of the desired university.

What score is required?

The test scores of IELTS are given scores on a scale of 1 to 9 for each part of the test. The average score results of the four subtests are further used to calculate the overall band score. Different universities require different scores hence one should directly look up the requirements of the university intended for enrollment.

How to prepare for IELTS?

One of the best ways to prepare for this test is simply by taking it. This is because it will provide direct experience and knowledge of the current level of knowledge and will help determine the scores needed to be achieved. Apart from this, there are many online websites and apps that can help in the preparation.

Author Bio

Amelie Pollard

Amelie Pollard is a 22-year-old enthusiastic career author. She has been publishing a lot about scholarships and education on different portals. Pollard started working with Recent Scholarships as a student funding researcher. Currently, she has helped more than 1,000 students worldwide in achieving their aims. Her efforts helped a lot of people with Tuition-free education. You can also find her on other blogs like BlogLovin & Medium.

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How much is Joe Rogan’s net worth in 2020?

Joe Rogan’s net worth is nearly $25 million in 2020. His net worth shows that he is will be living a lavish life. But it was not the same at the start of his career as he spent harsh life in his childhood. His parents were got divorced and he moved to another city with his mother. Then, he was just five years old and her mother raised him alone. He was seen his father when he was seven years old. He started living in Massachusetts with his mother and attended high school here.

He took immense interest in martial arts. But in his early 20s, he left martial arts due to some medical problem and entered into the field of comedy. Now he is not only a comedian but also a host of podcasts. Here we will discuss how Joe Rogan earned this whopping net worth and how much he will earn in the coming year. We shall also share the brief story of his successful career which is an utmost inspiration for teenagers that how much he earned a millionaire status despite a tough life.

Joe Rogan’s Career

Joe Rogan is a renowned stand-up comedian who is also a podcast host and UFC commentator. He was born in 1967 and he started his career as a comedian in 1988. He was also a martial artist. His colossal net worth speaks itself that he earned this money is all due to his skills and talent. In his teenage, he moved to New York where he got the chance to work with Disney that brought humongous progress in his life.  Later, he also worked in TV sitcoms as an actor and his notable performance are News Radio and hardball. After 9 years of his career as a comedian, he started his career as a commentator at UFC. He has also his podcast show named Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan Net worth:

Currently, Joe Rogan’s net worth is $25 million. He did a lot of hard work to get the status of a millionaire as his life was not the same as he is spending now. His fans get the inspiration from his life that how he earn so much fortune despite having a hard life before becoming the richest comedian in the world.

Joe Rogan net worth in 2020?

It is estimated that his net worth will be three times more in 2022 he has earned in 2020. It is cleared that he will earn the status of a billionaire in the near future as most of the people like his podcast show and his other TV shows. He also started his YouTube channel where he introduced his podcast and people like his videos. His net worth will be $75 million in a couple of years. Currently he have 8.3m followers on his Instagram account and 5.7m followers on twitter.


He has a positive image among people that is also good for Joe Rogan’s net worth. Joe has a good relationship with other Hollywood celebrities as most of the superstars promote their work on his show. Media also give him a huge public coverage but he likes to be secretive when it comes to his private life.

How to get your first 1000 plays on Spotify

Spotify gives the way to the artists to showcase their music. Many artists are eager for different ways to get their craft on this biggest streaming platform. Although, getting tons of Spotify plays can be very a difficult task especially for unsigned artists. It is very essential to get hundreds of Spotify plays to get more exposure. In this post, we look at some useful tips on how you get first 1000 plays on Spotify. You can also buy Spotify play to up your Spotify game in no time and get your tracks into the ears of prospective fans. Let’s get into it!

Fan Push: Ask your friends and followers to add your soundtracks to their playlists (private). Encourage them to playlist your music. On Spotify, smallest playlist counts.

Pitching with your distributor: You can also ask the distributor to pitch your audio tracks to the music Friday playlist. Do a little research and find out in which playlist your soundtrack would fit. But make certain that those playlists are available on Spotify.

Playlists: Playlists are modern time radio. People are living busy lives these days, so they find their favorite playlists according to their mood is a great way to get you energized the whole day. This is how people listen to music nowadays. If you want that your songs heard then the best way is that get your music on the playlist. Share the playlists where your songs are added and also show appreciation by tagging the curator. It is vital to building up a good relationship with other curators. If you have a strong relationship with them then it is a win-win situation to gain more Spotify plays. The main goal of the playlist curators is to have a popular playlist that gets upheld and your music is also a part of this playlist.

Pitch “Non-Spotify” Playlists: With finding Spotify playlists, also find 2 to 3 private playlists that fit your genre and pitch your audio track through social media to the curators. Ask them to add your song and you will promote and share their playlist. Also, build a good relationship with them. Try to build up a relationship slowly because they have a lot of messages to respond every day. If you manage to get included your track on other’s playlists then you will get a lot of good results such as massive plays and more followers etc. It helps you to move your songs higher and give you more plays without buying Spotify plays.

Create your own playlist: Start creating your own playlists and share it with others. You can also offer other curators to exchange songs by pushing your own audio tracks. Create a playlist network in order to get more Spotify plays.

Bottom line: The music industry is navigating towards digital these days and it is important to have a good amount of plays on Spotify with buying Spotify plays. With the above tips, you can get a lot of plays to make your profile protruding on Spotify.

Brittanya Razavi biography, Net worth, career and Family

Brittanya Razavi is famous for her modeling and acting. She is well known social media personality who has millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She rose to fame in the year 2010 when she made debut in a TV reality show named Rock of Love Bus. She also participated in the season 3 of charm school TV reality show. She was also managed to feature on many commercial magazines such as Rebel Ink, savage tattoo, Tattoo Energy, Obscene magazine and others. Her fashion designing business has contributed a lot to her popularity. Today, we will talk about her life biography, net worth, career and family life. Read on to learn more!

Brittanya Razavi Early life:

She is the youngest of five and she was born in the unprivileged family. She was a very tender age when her father found in criminal activities and sent to jail. She started working in her early age to support her mother who was the only breadwinner of the family. Although, she spent a troubled childhood she is now a successful model and actress who leaves no stone unturned to get success and fame.

Brittanya Razavi Career:

As we mentioned above, she was the part of TV reality shows Rock of bus and Charm school 3. In 2012, she made debut in Hollywood and worked in a comedy-drama movie named ‘Dysfunctional Friends’. It was a hit movie that was directed by Corey Grant and contributed hugely a lot to her net worth and fame. She is an Instagram model where she has 13 million followers. She shares her bikini photoshoots, videos, and sizzling photos. She is an owner of real-estate business and co-owner of a clothing line which has around 500 outlets all around the world. Her business and modeling career is a great source of money for Razavi.

Brittanya Razavi  Net worth:

Brittanya Razavi has an estimated $ 10 million net worth in 2018. She is earning money from social media, acting, modeling and her business.

Brittanya Razavi  Family:

She is married to Lucky Razavi and duo has two kids together Cash King and Legend King. She was in a brief relationship with her boyfriend but their relationship did not last long.


Place of Birth Oxnard, California, United States
Job/Profession Instagram Model, Published Model & Author
Best Known For Instagram
Career Began 2009 – Present
Ethnicity Multiracial
Body Measurements
Listed. Height in meter in meters- 1.56 m
Height in feet inches 5’2″
Height in centimeter 156 cm
Weight 136 lbs – 62 kg
Hair Color She dyed her hair Red and Pink
Eye Color Dark Brown
Measurements 41″-27″-40″
Zodiac sign Cancer
Religion Belief Christianity
Distinctive Feature Dimple Piercing Face
Brand Endorsements Not known
First Movie Dysfunctional Friends (2012)
First Tv Show Rock of Love
Instagram Handle @brittanya187
Twitter Handle @brittanya187187
Facebook Handle @brittanya187inc
Family Background/ Dating
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Siblings 4 Siblings
Tiffany (sister)
Husband Lucky Moe Razavi
Boyfriend Nico Vasquez
Likes Traveling/She like tattoos
(Money Factor)
Net Worth $10 million
Instagram Followers 13 million
Website MeowGang BrittanyaTV


Famous travellers in the history

Introduction to Historic traveling

Traveling in history was really difficult as well as slow to carry out. There were no advanced vehicles, and all you got for you were the carriages or animals for mobility. In addition to the traveling means, there were also no roads to pass through. They had to consider a lot while making the decision about the moving from one area to another. Then, by the time evolution took place and the traveling became really easy. The distance that used to take months and even years is now covered in few hours.

The technology which is available in this modern era involves the well-developed infrastructure of roads, boats, airplanes, jets, railways and submarines. As all this revolution took place, the traveling means have become inexpensive gradually to ease the mobility process. Due to traveling and mobility of people from one area of the world to another, people now conduct a lot of businesses in a safe way. Even the economic revolution is also the result of this change.

Considering old travelers is essential because they have made the history of traveling by exploring the undiscovered areas of the world were great in true means. Some of those historical travelers are as follows

Captain James Cook

He is the traveler of early 17th century and was among the very few old age people. He has covered all the important things and prerequisites to have wonderful traveling experience. James is also known to be the person who was the only person to cover such a large portion of the earth. He was a surveyor as well as a scientist, and this helped him to conduct a lot of research. He also drew charts of traveling, and they always proved to be accurate. James had a ship which he used to go through the Coral Sea.

The main thing which drew him to carry traveling is the love for other cultures. He navigated around the globe two times which is a big achievement. That voyage included all the seven continents of the world as well as Antarctic and Arctic circles.

Ibn Battuta

He is the traveler of the 13th century. This is a really old time which even gives him superiority over Marco Polo. He was a freeloader regarding traveling style. His personality was very brave, and he used to tell a lot of tales about his journey. The area he traveled was about 120,000 KM. This area is now covered by 44 countries in this age. The places mainly covered by him include Indonesia, Italy, Shanghai, and Timbuktu. He was even attacked by the pirates in his voyage and held hostage for some time. The hardships also include the hiding in the swamp for almost a week without even having food. He was the only Muslim geographer who made a big name in the field of traveling.


He is the traveler of the very beginning of this age.  He was basically a Buddhist Monk who traveled across the pilgrimages. The travel writing is the thing in which he led the way for the following writers. The main purpose behind his voyage was to discover the history of Buddhism forms the origin. The path he chooses and results presented by him are unparalleled. The places which were visited by him are Afghanistan, China, Pakistan as well as India. All this was done because of his intelligence level and the courage and curiosity he had to find something. He went on hunger strike; at one time he nearly died out of thirst and also caught by bandits. In the field of writings and travel history, the legacy left behind him is amazing and unmatchable.

Christopher Columbus

He is known to be the most controversial traveler in the history and also the famous one. Most of the people still say that he was not the one to discover America. Christopher just opened the way for the Europeans within two continents. He was very determined by nature and fearless in traveling. In his whole traveling career, Christopher passed four times through Atlantic. Iceland and Mediterranean were also visited by him. The hardships faced by him in this whole era include the temporary blindness, malnutrition, arthritis and insomnia. The main thing that is discussed about him is that he was the pioneer in introducing many diseases to the American world. The diseases like dengue, measles, typhoid, smallpox, malaria and diphtheria moved to America due to him.

Charles Darwin

He is basically the founder of the theory of evolution. He passed to many areas of the world to discover multiple species and provide a contribution to the field of science. The natural selection was taken as the foundation for the theory of evolution by him. This curiosity played a lot of role in his success. The areas which were covered by him include the South America, Pacific, Atlantic, and also the remote islands including Tahiti and Galapagos. Many mountains were also hiked by him, and deserts were also explored. The way of thinking of people is changed due to him. The contribution made by him in the science is exceptional and is the basis of many new theories working successfully in the modern era.

Richard Burton

Richard Burton is the explorer of the 18th century. He was an intellectual man and also known to be famous by the name of Sir. He was also an excellent writer who wrote exceptional traveling history with his attractive way of writing. The main advantage he had is that he was familiar with 30 languages and was able to speak 60 sounds in the monkey vocabulary. The places which were visited by him include the areas of Fernando Po, India, Brazil, East Africa, Trieste, Arabia, US West, and Syria. The source of Nile was also discovered by him along with the help of John Hanning Speke. Richard also has the privilege of being the second European who visited Mecca. He is really an inspiration for most of the explorers as he translated the Arabian Nights in a great depiction of culture.

Michael Palin

He is a modern day traveler. In the mid 19th century he emerged as a great travel inspiration for most people. He has this strange support for traveling; it is his passion to move from one place to another. His voyage includes the areas from Sahara and Himalaya in the total of 80 days. In this short time, Michael moved from pole to pole and completed the whole circle. He even got his ribs cracked, and his car was rocked by the angry mob during the journey. Michael’s traveling is even preserved in the form of television show known to be Palin Effect. Even it was aired on the primetime which is really an achievement because of the high level of excitement.

Fridtjof Nansen

He is basically a skier, humanitarian, polar explorer as well as an oceanographer. He has the credit of being the first explorer to cross the Arctic Ocean as well as Greenland Ice Cap. The area of North which is traveled by him is not crossed by anyone else this far. Nansen also did skiing in the Norway. His experience also includes the suffering from the winters for nine months in a cave of stones with a friend. Regarding technology, he invented a water bottle and a cooker which are still used in those areas. He is also famous for not losing any kind of equipment as well as not a single man during the whole journey.

Aphra Behn

She is regarded as the world’s most famous and greatest traveler of the armchair. Her work is even regarded as fiction, and people believe that she hasn’t ever traveled. The style which was used by her is they style of a spy. The areas visited by her include Italy, Antwerp, Netherland, and Suriname. It is also suggested that his family was lost in the voyage. She also helped in the development of travel stories and novels. Even 300 years ago, his work was regarded the best, and most of the areas have a great description for her.

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin is the first person in the space. He is also regarded as the one to take most courageous bounce after the work of Columbus. The places which were traveled by him include the traveling around the whole world as well as 315 KM above the earth level. He was without any doubt great hero who explored a lot about the space travel. His training also involved the grounding in a dark room for 24 hours in a silent room. His heroism is not completely witnessed by due to the constraints of space traveling. He was also killed in a crash that took place in the flight. He was sitting on a seat under which a can was placed on the bomb which leads him to death. This was a tragic failure and loss of a great hero.

How to send a Direct Message (DM) on Twitter 

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms being used by people across the globe. It allows users to send direct messages, just like Instagram. You can send messages and receive messages from your contacts via Twitter.

These direct messages are not different from tweets. The only difference is that a lot of people have access to your tweet but only the sender and the receiver have access to a direct message which makes it much more private. Many new marketers know how to buy twitter followers from promotion services but they also need to know about interacting with them. Direct messages help you communicate with the followers on twitter instantly and fast.

Moreover, you can type up to 140 words in a message which are not too much, but you also have the option to send multiple messages so don’t worry about the limitations of the word count. Another great thing about direct messages on Twitter is that it allows only those users to send you a message who follow you i.e. only your followers can send you a message.

This feature ensures you are not getting any irrelevant messages, which is indeed great. Businesses are also using Direct Messages to connect to their customers.

How to send DM 

Through Twitter Application on Phone 

Sending messages on Twitter just takes a minute. You can send direct messages from your phone as well whether you use android, or apple.

You just have to make sure that you have installed the application on your phone. The procedure is just so simple and it involves a few easy steps.

  • Simply open the Twitter application. Log in to your account.
  • Tap on the messages icon. This icon is at the bottom.
  • Tap on new message.
  • Type the name of the contact you want to send the message. Select the user and tap on Next, which will open a new message window.
  • You will see “Start a new message” written on screen. Tap on that, and keyboard will appear.
  • Type the message and tap on “Send” This will send your message to the user.
  • However, if you want to add a picture or a GIF, tap on the GIF or camera icon on your screen. This allows you to add photos or videos in the message.

Through Web Browser on Windows

Sending a direct message on Twitter via a web browser is as easy as sending through a twitter app on cellphone. To send a direct message from your computer, you just have to go through a few following steps.

  • Open Twitter on your web browser.
  • Log in to your account if you haven’t already.
  • You would see a Messages icon at top of your screen. Click on it.
  • Then click on New Message. A window will open showing frequently contacted users. If you want to DM any of these people, simply tap on their name.
  • However if you don’t, you would have to type the user’s name. Select the user.
  • The user will be added to the New Message list.
  • Click on Next, the message window will appear.
  • Type your message and click on Send.
  • If you want to add photos along with the text, tap on the camera icon to add a picture and then click on send.

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